The Princess Prosperity Program and Celebration Ball!

A Highly Interactive 2-Day Experience to Unlearn Everything You’ve Been Taught About Success, Money, and Creating Your Ideal Life Style!

If you're like most people, you have been taught incorrect paradigms which are actually causing your lack of money, success and living a life you love. Everything you have or don't have right now came from your current paradigm and belief system.

Just imagine what your life would look like if you spent two powerful days unlearning your belief system; reprogramming your mindset and recreating your life...

Really answer that...

What would your life look like if you had the belief system of a millionaire? What would your life look like if your mindset was programmed for prosperity?

I'll tell you what it would look like, because I've seen it thousands of times with my coaching clients...

It would look like Freedom!

You would be living a life where you are fully self-expressed, manifesting money for yourself and others, and waking up every day grateful for who you are, what you're creating and the contribution you are to the planet.

Sadly, most people don't know how to reprogram their paradigms and they continue to live a life of mediocrity ~ or worse! Don't let that happen to you. That's why I'm sharing my prosperity principles at the "Princess Prosperity Program!" and I invite you to be a part of this transformational event.

Now before I share more with you, I want to ask you an important question...

Do you know how a "mindset" is created?

Participants of the Prosperity Princess ProgramYou actually don't have to know the answer to that question (that's my job!) All I wanted you to realize in asking it is that a mindset is CREATED! Everything you know to be true about yourself and what's possible for you is LEARNED. You learned it somewhere. And that's really good news because anything that is learned can be UNLEARNED.

The most effective way to UNLEARN a mindset is to experience a new way of being. And that is exactly what will happen for you at the Princess Prosperity Program...

The Princess Prosperity Program is an experience.

Through music, exercises, speaking, group activities, and even dancing, you'll be moving about the room as you are actively involved in transforming yourself and your mindset. You will shatter fear, breakthrough limiting beliefs and shift the paradigms that keep you stuck.

This event will wake you up to a new way of being. You will be amazed at yourself and what's truly possible for you. You'll find the courage, confidence and strategy to create what you really want! Your transformation will occur in 3 simple steps:


Step 1: UNLEARN...

You will unlearn everything you've been taught about success, making money and creating a life you love. Through one powerful exercise, you will know how to forgive and be complete with your past. for all that it was and all that it wasn't. You will finally let go of that negative cloud and create fresh space for what's really possible.

I've been coaching high level entrepreneurs for over 7 years and I've watched thousands of my clients break through the habits, fears, and limitations that keep them stuck. And let me tell you, it's exciting! What a joy to watch a person get free and break out of the self-imposed prison to radically begin manifesting all that's possible!


Step 2: REPROGRAM...

You will reprogram your mind. When you transform your thinking, you transform everything! In the highly acclaimed book "As a Man Thinketh," James Allen wrote, All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thought.

Where are your thoughts right now?

Even as you're reading my letter, what are you thinking? Are you thinking this program is too advanced for you? May be too expensive? Notice these thoughts. They are the driving force behind your success or failure. Most people's thoughts are set on lack, limitation, fear, worry and doubt. No wonder they don't have the energy, ideas or opportunities flowing in their life! Make no mistake; with thoughts such as these you absolutely cannot succeed. I want you to really get present to that truth. You will never live the life you want when your thoughts are programmed at your current level. Period...end of story!

However, with a "shift" in your thinking, the "right" mindset and "correct" paradigms you will have all you need to achieve what you want. You will attract the ideas, people, money and opportunities to blow the roof off your dreams! You will have the energy, confidence and vitality to make a huge impact on the planet...

And boy do we need that right now...

We have a hurting planet. We need powerful and confident people who know what they want and are willing to do what it takes to have it. It's time to drive this planet into a new realm. a realm of prosperity and abundance. We need people who are willing to dream big, shift their thinking and be open to what's truly possible.

Is that person you?

Princess Prosperity ProgramDo you really believe you can unlearn and reprogram your mindset? Do you really believe I can show you how to recreate your life? And; most importantly, Do you believe it is your turn and it is time for your transformation? If you don't believe that, then please don't come. For me to be able to guarantee you'll have a breakthrough and truly be transformed, it takes your belief in the process.

Does that make sense?

All I need to be able to help you completely transform your life is your faith in me and your faith in the process of transformation. And all it takes is a mustard seed of faith...

So, where are you at? Do you believe in transformation? Do you believe it's your turn?

Creating a prosperity mindset is all about following Universal Laws. I've used these Laws to transform my mind and shift my paradigms about being a powerful female business owner... and we created a million dollar company!

I've followed these Laws to transform my family after divorce... and we created a loving, supportive unit who is still a family; a family who lives in 2 houses.

These Laws helped me manifest the Love of My Life! I transformed my beliefs and shifted my paradigms around giving and receiving love.

It is truly miraculous the power you and I have when we shift paradigms, transform belief systems, create a prosperity mindset, tell the truth about what we really want, honor our desires, and spend the time creating a plan-of-action.

I was mentored by Bob Proctor who showed me how to radically shift my paradigms and now I want to share the process with you...

My commitment to you is to create the most amazing experience of your life in the "Princess Prosperity Program! My goal is to have your mouth fall open and gasp in amazement when you walk into the Ballroom. You will have to catch your breath when you see the atmosphere, the lavish gifts, royal treatment. You will talk for weeks about the phenomenal exercises, enlightening experiences and amazing people you'll connect with and keep as life-long friends.

THIS is the atmosphere that's required for transformation. And believe me; I know how to create this experience. I've conducted several "Rich Life Mastermind Retreats" for people all over the world. (You can check out pictures and testimonials at: And I have witnessed people transform within that experience. The "Princess Prosperity Program" will be the same ~ even bigger!


Step 3: RECREATE...

Get ready to be talking about your desires, goals and what matters to you. Through the whole weekend, you'll be in the conversation of speaking and creating what you want. I will be conducting "Coaching Hot Seats" where you'll come up on the stage and work directly with me and the entire group of participants. Together we'll create a clear roadmap to help you achieve what you want. You'll feel the support from the group as you declare your desires and create a strategic plan to achieve your goals.

You'll gain powerful clarity and as you work with your group to fill out your 90 Day Plan-of-Action. You'll get laser focus and confidence by always knowing what to do next. You will be given a partner to be accountable to after the weekend to ensure you have the support you need to stay committed to your 90 Day Plan-of-Action.


The Princess Prosperity Program Schedule:

The Princess Prosperity Program begins on Friday, April 17th, 2009 at the Ocean-front Delray Beach Marriott in Delray Beach, Florida. Registration is at 8:00am. Right after you register you will be given a special gift that will assist you in causing transformation. You'll get your picture taken for the "before shot" and enjoy your coffee or tea as you meet and mingle with the other participants.

Princess Prosperity ProgramWe open the doors at 8:55am to some rockin' beats and kick off our program at 9:00am with a special surprise. You'll spend the next 4 hours in a highly interactive setting. You'll hear real world stories of transformation and get present to the power of it in your life. You'll participate in some group activities and insightful individual exercises that will begin the process of recreating your present circumstance.

We'll break for lunch where you will be treated to a delicious meal with a surprise guest and special treats...

Our afternoon program will be on transforming beliefs and ideals around sex, love, and intimacy. The room will get HOT guaranteed! You will get present to the power of this important subject and begin to gain confidence in your internal power as you embrace the truth around sex, love, and intimacy. You will never feel alone or isolated again after you hear the liberating truths around this important subject.

We'll break for dinner where you are free to dine in the hotel or the restaurants that are within walking distance. You will have a homework assignment that you'll do with your group and get the support and guidance from your assigned coach. There is a surprise gift waiting for you to open in your hotel room. As you unwrap the gift, you will be unwrapping the possibilities you created for yourself around money, success, and creating a life you love. You'll smile as you put your head on the pillow and realize the abundance that awaits you and that you now have access to.

Day 2 will begin with Zumba dancing at 8:30am. What a fun and exhilarating way to start our day! We'll have a drawing at 9:00am for those who arrive on time.

Today we'll be transforming your beliefs around leadership and taking on being a major contribution. You'll unlearn all the negative and limiting beliefs you have about being a leader, looking bossy, being a bitch and what it really looks like to take a stand for something. You'll radically grow your confidence and create a rock-solid commitment to your purpose and assignment in life.

Our Special Guest Speaker Couple will rock your world when they share their story of how they went from living out of a car to creating a life of prosperity and contribution.

Lunch is an amazing experience of The Seven Princesses that live today and what we can learn from each of them. (Can you guess who the 7 Princesses are?)...

We'll conclude the Princess Prosperity Program with an amazing exercise on vision. You'll get present to the power you have of declaring and manifesting your best life. You will create a new possibility for your life and begin manifesting the ideas, people, and opportunities to make your intentions real. You will create your 90-Day plan of action and your step-by-step strategy to know what to do next.

You'll have the strategy in place and the mindset, confidence, and posture you need to create it.

We'll conclude by 4:00pm on Saturday to give you time to rest and get ready for the Princess Prosperity Celebration Ball.

Just before dinner, you are invited to network and get your "after" picture taken to commemorate your transformation. An elegant dinner has been prepared for you along with an awards program and graduation ceremony, followed by dancing and celebrating until midnight or beyond!

The Princess Prosperity Program and Celebration Ball will mark a new realm of possibility for you. It will be the weekend you transform everything. Pre-registration is $997 per person. Registration at the door will be $1,497, on a space available basis. However you can get an outrageous "early bird" discount price of only $497 if you are the first of 10 who register today. Act now as these 10 seats at the special rate will sell out fast! Your complete event package and gifts will be rushed to you as soon as you register.

And no matter which rate you qualify for, your investment includes the following:

  • 2 Full Days of training and exercises;
  • Transformation Workbook;
  • 90-Day Action Planner;
  • Continental Breakfasts and snacks on both days;
  • Lunch and Program on both days;
  • Dinner and Celebration Ball on Saturday evening;
  • Elegant Gifts;
  • Entertainment and special surprises;
  • Transformational experiences and training;
  • Mastermind and follow-up Coaching Program; and
  • An experience of a life time to celebrate all that's possible for you!

This will be the event that transforms your life! You will UNLEARN everything you've been taught about success and recreate your paradigms and belief systems. You will gain the inner confidence and unshakable faith to courageously declare what you want and commit to a plan of action to achieve it.

If you're really serious about taking a stand for what you want and spending two days breaking through what's holding you back... If you're truly committed to transforming your life and you believe it's your turn. register now and reserve your seat. It's the most important action step you can take today.

Register for The Prosperity Princess Ball weekend event

Register Now for the Early Bird Special price of $497!

To your prosperity,

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

P.S. Regain your confidence, vitality and joy. At the Princess Prosperity Program you will UNLEARN everything you've been taught about money and success. Through interactive exercises and fun group activities, you'll radically shift your relationship with yourself and others as you create the rock-solid belief system to attract what you really want. You'll gain clarity and focus with the 90-Day Action Planner and have the support team to keep you accountable and achieve your goals.

Register before January 31 and receive the "Early Bird" specials and BONUS package.

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